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AnimalTalk (BodyTalk for Animals)
AnimalTalk Sessions

AnimalTalk (BodyTalk for Animals)

AnimalTalk is the use of the BodyTalk System for animals. AnimalTalk sessions balance the general body/mind energy of your companions, addressing physical, emotional and behavioral concerns. The system is safe, non-invasive and very gentle. AnimalTalk sessions complement your animal's current veterinary care by accelerating physical healing plus alleviating issues such as stress, fear, separation anxiety and undesirable behaviors. AnimalTalk offers a unique approach to animal health and well-being by involving the owner, or entire family, in the sessions. This approach acknowledges the unique bond that exists between you and your companion.

AnimalTalk Sessions

Animals generally have a natural and strong desire to be healthy and well, but domesticated species are easily affected by the stresses of living in human environments. This stress can compromise their physical, mental, emotional and behavioral health. AnimalTalk facilitates balance in all of these areas, frequently leading to improved physical and emotional health, as well as enhanced performance.

When an animal is physically not feeling well or is experiencing stress in his environment, he will usually exhibit specific behaviors to communicate these discomforts. These communications, however, are typically misinterpreted as "bad behavior." Because the BodyTalk System allows us to explore and balance the physical, emotional and environmental experiences of the animal, positive shifts in behavior are commonly observed after an AnimalTalk session, as the animal experiences increased well-being.

The bonds between humans and the animals with whom they cohabitate are tremendous. Many animals take on physical, emotional and energetic stresses of their human companions. AnimalTalk sessions offer a unique experience in which the connection between you and your companion is acknowledged and honored. While the session will focus on the animal, many people report feeling a sense of well-being in themselves, as well, after an AnimalTalk session.

Sarah-Jane will facilitate a process that will accelerate the physical healing process, reduce stress and anxiety in your animal, and enhance your understanding of your animal, thus deepening your bond.

If you are interested in an animal talk session for your companion, please contact the clinic or email us with animaltalk session request in the subject line. It is not necessary for the animal to come to the clinic, if this is not possible the session can be done on the human companion as surrogate or long distance as for Bodytalk sessions.

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