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Change requires Action. If you had access to simple, life changing tools that would change your life, your kids lives, your business, wealth abundance and your lifestyle... Would you take action? I invite you to experience "A NEW Normal" that will bring more peace, balance and harmony to you and your family... because happy lives, families, business and relationship don't just happen!

Lectures and Workshops

Aren't you just a little curious what Access Consciousness™ is all about? Have you identified areas of your life you'd like to change? Have you tried everything, and still don't see the results you're looking for? Are you intrigued, but not quite ready for a Private Session or a Core Class yet? You might want to consider one of the following:

Would you like to receive pragmatic, easy tools and processes or a motivational conversation in consciousness to change anything in your life that is not working for you on a specific topic, using the basic tools of Access Consciousness™? We literally shift the energy right there while you're sitting in your seat. You walk away with a handful of tools you can start using immediately to see things show up differently in your life.

Some popular choices include, but are not limited to:
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Access the Bars

The first class in Access™ is The Bars. In this one day class you will learn Access Bars with total ease.

The purpose of The Bars is to show people that they can actually lay there and receive. Having your Bars run, meaning the 32 points on your head being gently touched, effortlessly and easily releases anything that doesn't allow you to receive.

Receiving is not done on this planet. Doing, doing, doing in order to make sure you don't have to receive is how most people live their life. This has to change. You have to be willing to receive if you are going to have the life you truly desire.

There are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head. They store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything.


Access Consciousness™ would like to give you an opportunity to look at the world from a different place. It's not about telling you how to create your life, how to live your life or how to function in your life. The target is, to give you the space to look at your life as a totally different possibility. This 2-day Foundation Class is where you begin.

In this class you'll receive the "foundational" tools of Access™. There is a great deal of verbal processing in this class, going to Point of Creation and undoing major limitations, implants and programs that start to get you out of judgment so you can function from a place of ease, joy and glory. You'll receive a manual and be given tools to invite and create a far greater life for yourself in all areas. In addition, you'll learn a potent hands-on body process called Cellular Memory. You can change the specifics of any life situation. In this class I'll open doors to infinite possibilities that you may have never even known existed.

Foundation Level 1

Having completed your Access Foundation™ Class, this 2-day Level 1 class takes you further into living from no-judgment and opens the door to even greater possibility and choice. In this class I'll guide you to step beyond the edges of this reality and in to the possibility of your very own Heaven on Earth. In Access Level 1 we begin to understand what it means to truly create our life as we desire it. This class will give you even greater awareness of infinite being and infinite choice. You will discover "What Else is Possible?" in ways you never imagined!

This class covers areas such as the five elements of intimacy, sexualness, money, abundance and wealth. You'll also learn another amazing hands-on body process called MTVSS. The clearings will allow you to eliminate the reasons, justifications, beliefs and judgments that have been creating limitations so it is no longer necessary to function from opposition and separation. It becomes possible to have relationships with people that are rewarding, and we begin to understand what it means to truly create our lives as we desire. This class will give you an even greater awareness of infinite beingness and infinite choice. You'll be excited and empowered about, "What else is possible?"!

Secrets to Change Anything in Your Body

If you could change anything about your body, what would it be?
What if your body had the ability to change anything easily and effortlessly, you've just been going about it the hard way?
Do you fight with your body? Or are you in communion with it?
So let me ask you this: Last time you fought with anybody, did it make them want to do what you wanted them to do? Or did it make them want to do just the opposite?
In this workshop, we will bring up the energy that is locking the disease, discomfort, extra weight, and other things into your body the way it currently is, and clear it out using the Access tools so something different can begin to show up. You'll learn the secrets to changing anything in or on your body

Conscious Eating

How many diets or health programs have you been on? How many supplements have you tried? How many foods have you decided you must include or eliminate from your diet? What kind of results did you get? Did you ever stop and ask your body what it would like?
If you could learn some really easy ways to actually KNOW what your body requires and desires, would you use them?
In this workshop, we'll play with our food, communicate with our bodies, and create a consciousness around eating. If you were eating more consciously, wouldn't your body be having an easier time of things?

Having a Mega Successful Business with Ease:

Ever wonder why some people are capable of creating tremendous wealth and success with their business while others struggle to get their businesses off the ground?
What if your ability to create an abundant and successful business was not dependent on your level of education, skill set, type of business you are in, or your years of experience?
Would you like to learn how to quickly let go of anything and everything that is stopping you from succeeding BEYOND your wildest dreams and imagination?!
Are you ready to stop doing it all on your own?
Are you willing to stop defending how "good" and "right" you are for working hard?

What if rather than using enormous effort and control to create results, you could live in the question, clear limitations, and follow the energy to create a mega successful business?
Consider this: when you act from consciousness you change the world!

Would you like your business to have that kind of impact? What if choosing for YOU is what sets everything in motion so that all of consciousness can totally and utterly support you and your business.

Expanding Your Money Flows with Ease

Are you feeling the effects of the current economy? Do you live in a constant state of difficulty around money?
Do you find yourself only having just enough money to get by? What if you didn't have to?
Hear out-of-the-box concepts with money to make money a reality in your life. It's not about the money, it never is. It's about what you're willing to receive.
This class offers practical tools you can use to unlock the areas of your life where you limit the amount of money you can have and receive.
What if this is the information you've been missing that will empower you to change your financial situation with ease?
Are you ready to stop wanting and start having?

How Not To Take On Other People's Energy

Are you exhausted at the end of your day?
Do you feel uncomfortable around people with "negative energy"?
Do you take on other people's problems or health conditions?
Have you tried to use protection tools to shield yourself from other people's energy? How well did they work for you?
Learn powerful tools that you've never heard before so you can change this, free yourself and open up to a different possibility.

Conscious kids, conscious parent

Parents use structure and rules in this reality which does not seem to work.
How much can kids contribute to your life if you just asked them? Why should you go into conclusion that you have to do everything by yourself and struggle ? You cannot receive if you have made doing significant. What if parenting could be easy? Are you tired of the constant struggle to get your children to clean their room, do their homework, or even listen to you? Do you get frustrated with the back-talk, bickering and defiance?
Are you in constant judgment of whether or not you are a "good" parent? Do you worry that your kids are going to get into trouble, get bad grades, or hang out with the wrong crowd? Do you feel like you have more questions then answers and have lost control?
To get a different result with your children, you need different tools; ones that actually work. In this 60 minute workshop, Sarah-Jane will share some simple parenting tools that get real results and will bring peace and harmony to the family. She will challenge you to think differently about how you parent and the role you play in your children's lives.
What if parenting truly could bring you so much MORE ease, joy and glory? IT CAN...

Write your own parenting Manual

What if the way you parent is different than how anyone else parents? What if your parenting gifts just need to be brushed off and brought to the surface? What if you could create your own manual for parenting? What if parenting was about asking questions every day? What if you did not have to have the answer? If you conclude what has to be with your child and parenting then you stop the flow of what is actually possible.

Sarah-Jane (the Questionable Parent), for this class series where she will give you some amazing practical tools from Access Consciousness that you can start to use right away to assist you in creating something truly different with you, your children and your family. What if raising kids could be easier than you ever imagined possible? Have you read all the parenting books and listened to all the tapes only to find they haven't created the ease & joy in parenting you have been looking for?
This out of the box, Write Your Own Parenting Guide, explores what things you would like to get rid of about being a parent and what new things you could add that would make parenting easy, joyful and the glorious experience it can be.

A New Idea For Dealing With OCD, ADD, ADHD & Autism

Have you ever felt different? Have you been looking for an easier way of dealing with OCD, ADD, ADHD and Autism?
What capacity do you have that has been labeled a wrongness in this reality? Where are you functioning as handicapped in your life?

"What disability or ability are you using to limit you? Has your child, someone you know or even YOU been labelled as having a learning disability, as having OCD, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia or Autism?"

In this reality, differences are often labeled and considered disabilities. At Access Consciousness we look at them as capacities and abilities. We ask you to consider: what if there is no wrongness? What if it is just different?

"What do you do differently that others have judged as less than, wrong or just plain weird?"

We don't call these disabilities at all, we call people with these labels highly abled and we are the disabled ones. We call them "X-Men", like the movie because they have TALENTS and ABILITIES beyond our wildest imagining. These people are a lot more conscious than we give them credit for. This class teaches you to recognize what people with these labels are really communicating and how their minds work, as well as what they require of you and what can be changed. You will be introduced to the concept that they may be more capable than society has given them credit for.

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." – Albert Einstein

There is a way that you can communicate, have ease and deal with people that are on the spectrum or have any of these labels so that you're speaking the same language. What change would you like to create in your world?

Teaching kids, to know that they know

What if learning was easy and joyous? What if everyone could tap into the capacity to "know"; that pool of knowledge that allows miracles in learning with ease?
If there were no judgments about kids, parents, teachers or education, how would your life be different?

Access Consciousness is addressing these phenomena through its Access True Knowledge Foundation©, a non-profit foundation that has people studying and forming a global approach to Access and education.

This Conscious Education class, "Teaching Kids to Know That They Know" is designed to assist in the process of global change in education, by bringing about change on a local and personal level. Aimed both at parents and teachers, this class can bring about a level of ease and joy in school that few have experienced.

How much change would you be willing to step into?
So, what if learning isn't about education at all? What if learning is about trusting ourselves to know that we already know….everything!

Accessing Your Phenomenal Life

What if there's a whole life out there just waiting for YOU to show up? And what if that life was way more fun, way more magical, and way more phenomenal than even YOU could imagine?
Wouldn't you like to play in that reality? The reality where everything showed up for you with ease and joy and glory? The reality that YOU could create every second of every day? Are you ready to unlock yourself from the limitations and judgments that are keeping you from having YOUR phenomenal life? During this 2 hour class Sarah-Jane uses Access Consciousness™ tools and processes designed to bring up the energy of your limitations and wipe them out of existence, empowering YOU to know what YOU know. Nobody on this planet has your exact gifts-you are a unique being unto yourself. Sarah-Jane shows you how to claim, own, acknowledge and honor the gift of magnitude you truly BE in the world! Are you ready and willing to BE the space of no judgment and allow Sarah-Jane to facilitate you into BEING and receiving YOUR phenomenal life?

Shifting Your Consciousness with Money

So what does consciousness have to do with money anyway? Well, if you were living more consciously, wouldn't it make sense that you'd have more balance and abundance around your financial situation?
Would you like to be a part of this? I have some amazing tools and processes to share with you that will give you a totally different reality around money. Everyone's welcome, so who do you know who might benefit from, desire or simply enjoy more money in their life?

Becoming Your Own Psychic

I see these amazing, talented, gifted beings all over the world who are living with the assumption that they aren't aware enough to actually KNOW everything about their entire universe. What would it look like if we were to unlock that lie, and empower you to actually HAVE that much awareness? What if you could BE your very own psychic?
Explore these new tools to awaken the power and potency of YOU! Clear out what's limiting you from being that psychic, that talented, that gifted and having that much natural ability. How much easier would your life be?

Changing Your Relationship With Your Body

Do you love your body? Or are you in a constant state of judgment every time you look in the mirror? Are you aware that every time you judge you or your body, it locks that judgement in place, creating more of exactly that which you're judging?
This class gives you tools and processes to change that, to start having a body you love, and to create your body the way it would like to look.

Fun and Ease with Your Relationships

Is your relationship an addition and contribution to your life? Or have you been cutting off pieces of yourself and who you are in order to fit into your relationship and make it work?
What if you could look at this in a totally different way? Would you like some tools to empower YOU to be YOU instead of who you think the other person wants you to be?
What if your relationship could be easier? How much fun can we have with this?

Access Energetic Facelift Class

Energetic Facelift Have you been thinking about getting a little "work done"?
Would you like to learn how to do a non-invasive, economical, totally blissful, light-energetic-touch, hands-on technique that feels amazing and can:
  • Lift and awaken your face
  • Smooth and tighten your skin
  • Reverse the appearance of aging
  • De-stress YOU
And if you're a healer or practitioner of any kind, how excited would your clients be if you were to add this to your list of service?

Talk to the Animals

  • Would you like to have more ease 'understanding' your pet?
  • Would you like to know what you are communicating to your pet without being aware of it?
  • Are you having trouble with your furry house mate?
This intro class will give you some tools to communicate with the animals in a different way. Whether you are already communicating with your animal, or if you are a total beginner, the Access tools will assist in giving you a deeper level.

Have you ever desired to know what your dog is communicating? Is your cat doing things and you don't know why? What if communication with animals is easier than you think? In this fascinating introduction to the world of energy communication with animals, you'll learn tools to assist in deepening your ability to communicate with and work with animals. Whether you are an experienced animal communicator, or a total beginner, the Access Consciousness™ tools Sarah-Jane shares will give you a greater level of connection, joy, and ease with animals.

Conscious horse, Conscious Rider

This workshop is an invitation to step outside of this reality, start to communicate with the animals, and start to see what else is possible. for information about Gary Douglas and CHCR Workshops. Free Membership! Video, articles, photos and lots more.
Some of the information presented will contradict all of your ideas about the way things should be. It will challenge everything you have ever learned about animals (and perhaps about yourself), as well as challenge everything you have ever read about them, and everything you have been told by the so-called experts.

If you wish to bring your horse - got a problem? Wish to ride better? If you do not have a horse, then this is still an awesome class to attend, you are welcome to gain the insights and observations to be had at this one-of-a-kind horse and rider workshop. You may find it benefits the other creatures in your life, as well. What else is possible?


Do you have a group of 10, 20, 50, 100 or more that you'd like to introduce to Access? How can that look? How much fun can we have? Please contact me directly to schedule your next event. I can speak on any of the above topics or I also offer the following:

Bars Parties:

Would you like to host a fun event and receive a free BARS™ session?
I'll come speak to your group and give your friends a Taste of Access, while YOU get your BARS™ run.
What contribution can we be?

Magic Parties:

What if you were a wizard and didn't even know it? How many magical talents, abilities, gifts and capacities have you been hiding from everyone, including yourself?
Have you ever thought of someone, and they called? How about when you've lost something, and it magically shows up for you somewhere you KNOW you didn't put it? How many times has every light turned green just for you on your way somewhere?
Was all of that just coincidence? Or did you have something to do with being that magical?
Let's explore our magic and see what else we can do and be. You might just be surprised at how talented you truly are.

Mini Bars™ Sessions:

Do you have a special event and need a unique treat for your employees? Could productivity possibly go up if your employees had their bars run on a regular basis?
We can schedule these mini stress-busting Bars™ Sessions for 5 and 10k runs, corporate health fairs, employee parties, and other special events…you name it.
Prices vary depending on the number of people and length of time.
Who doesn't need a little stress relief?

To book Sarah-Jane for an inspire-actional conversation in consciousness, workshop or event in your area, please contact us
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