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Distance treatments

Sarah-Jane is also available for BodyTalk distance treatments. Sarah-Jane recommends that you begin with an initial package of three treatments. After the first treatment, sessions will be spaced throughout a period of approximately 3 months, according to your body’s needs. The treatments that you will receive are the most advanced level of BodyTalk called Parama, which will address minor health problems to more advanced conditions in a shorter time. If you have serious condition that you have been suffering for a long time, Sarah-Jane recommends that you continue with your regular BodyTalk treatments, besides your Parama sessions. After each session you will receive a recording with a summary of your treatment and the approximate time for your follow up.

Distant BodyTalk sessions appeal to some clients for a number of reasons.

First of all, by offering remote sessions, virtually everyone has access to BodyTalk.

Clients don’t need to travel great distances when a BodyTalk practitioner isn’t close by. There are still many parts of the world without BodyTalk practitioners, and even in countries where BodyTalk is well-established, some cities lack experienced practitioners.

Also, some people have trouble going anywhere due to physical limitations or lack of transportation. Some clients may prefer to receive distance treatments rather than negotiate traffic. :)

Another related benefit for distance clients is that they receive all of the benefits of BodyTalk from the comfort of their homes! They may choose to be on the phone with the practitioner during the appointment and participate, or relax on a sofa during the time of the treatment, or sleep throughout the entire session. The style of interaction is up to the client.

Some of Sarah-Jane's overseas clients deliberately select appointment times during the night so that they awaken in the morning with the changes of the treatment already in effect. One thing Sarah-Jane likes about this arrangement is that these clients never miss their appointments!
Please completely fill out the form below and make sure to include a clear full body and face picture of the person to be treated.

Distance sessions are charged in advance for a package of three treatments. This can be paid by credit card and the number can be called into our office at +27 11 7061533 or emailed to, be sure to include the credit card info with this email. Be sure to include expiration date, security code, and complete name on card. You may also send us a check with the total amount payable to Sarah-Jane Farrell.

Distance treatments: questions and answers

1) When will your first distance treatment take place?
It will take place within 3-4 weeks of collecting all of the clients' information including picture and payment.

2) How do you set up the sessions?
The first session is done within 3-4 weeks of having received all of your information and picture. The other sessions are spaced according to the best time for you to receive the session, based on your body's needs. The average time between sessions is usually 3 to 5 weeks. We will notify you as soon as your session is completed.

3) Do I need to do anything to prepare?
Sarah-Jane will use a surrogate to conduct your session therefore you don't need to do anything in preparation for your session.

4) When will I hear from you about the details of the session?
Sarah-Jane will record a summary with the highlights of your treatment and the audio file will be sent to you via email. Keep in mind that these treatments are done on a level that is difficult to understand so you may not get a clear picture of the treatment even with a session.

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