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Baby Stories
Client Stories

Baby Stories:

Success stories range from infertility, breast feeding, a greater sense of connection to the fetus as well as a greater appreciation for the all the experiences that the matrix experiences during pregnancy. Of course performance sessions work effortlessly to support this process so brilliantly. Also sessions have helped pets and other children adjust to the newest addition to the family.
Clients have also confirmed links that have come up with the stage of development of the fetus. This increased awareness has helped families to really feel more engaged and a part of the miracle of life.


"BodyTalk has made a huge impact on my life. Having had a number of problems with my health and not being successful at conceiving over a number of years, a close friend recommended BodyTalk as she had had a positive experience. At this point, I was willing to try anything, and within two months of doing regular BT sessions I was pregnant with twins and I'm convinced that BT healed my body from within in order for me to conceive and the result was two beautiful healthy babies!"

Post Natal

"After a traumatic and exhausting delivery I suffered from depression and anxiety amongst other postpartum effects. My son was also anxious, dealing with reflux and colic. I came to see Sarah-Jane with hopes to treat my son. BodyTalk had great results on my newborn and myself. We did treatments to work on my anxiety and to reconnect us. As a new mom I tried to find a solution that was non invasive and effective. BodyTalk gave me all those things. Angie also taught me techniques that I can do on my son and myself to help with day to day challenges. I recommend BodyTalk to any new mom."

Child sickness and allergies

"My 1 year old son was prone to getting sick frequently with fevers and colds so I took him to Sarah-Jane for some treatments. He's now had a vast improvement in his health, he no longer takes medication for his allergy and a visit to the doctor's is rare!"

Mother Instinct Access

It is great to see so many couples being helped with infertility, women during and after pregnancy and of course the little ones from fetal to after birth. My experience with morning sickness vary from complete disappearance after attending an Access class to women who had one or two sessions and some advanced PaRama sessions. Some responded very well with a balance that included a vivaxis between the mother and the fetus and the increased hormone secretion of the the endocrine system. It is a good idea if both mom and dad to be do the Access course early in the pregnancy to enhance not only what it can do for mom and baby but also for the dad to be.

Birth process:

My birthing process was greatly improved comparing it to my first child's birth with Bodytalk sessions. Sarah-Jane maintained regular sessions for me and the growing fetus and with a performance session I delivered in under 3 hours with little pain – it was an incredible experience. My friend also sees SJ and had a ceasarian section with a fast recovery than the standard 6 weeks and was swimming after 1 week. That did not only amazed her but everyone around her.
I was unable to conceive after trying for 6 years of ivf and invasive therapies. Through Bodytalk sarah-Jane worked with this agenda with regard consciousness and matrix work which appeared more prominent in my sessions than the physical problems around the reproductive issues.I am now 6 months pregnant thanks to Bodytalk.
Post natal care for babies and mothers:.
I have had very positive results through regular bodytalk sessions when a friend suggested I try it after I was overwhelmed and very depressed after the birth of my son Matteus. He had feeding problems, colic, insomnia and psoriasis and the more sleep deprived and depressed I got with him not sleeping or latching the more out of control I felt. After the first session we both turned the corner and got a full night sleep and his colic has gone completely and he is putting on weight, a happy mom and baby.

Labour process:

My Labor and delivery was very magical with the help of Bodytalk I had a great labor performance agenda and felt every link kicking in! My daughter was born at home just 2 short hours after my water breaking. Post Partum my uterus contracted down below my pubic bone within a week and my body healed so quick just using ACCESS daily. BodyTalk was also a huge help with breastfeeding!

Elzabieta Kosmicki

A friend of mine who had had the hardest time being able to hold a prenancy through the first trimester, after just a few sessions with BT was able to go full term and had a beautiful baby boy.
Also another story of a woman who had only gained 6lbs during the whole pregnancy and was put on bed rest beginning the 8 month. (Being a large woman the doctors weren't as worried about the minimal weight gain as they might have been for a smaller woman but they were still concerned. After I gave the mother to be a session the priority shifted to the fetus. We did 2 links. After the mother / baby session the Mom gained 4lbs the next week and delivered a healthy boy 2 weeks later.

Gilly Atkins

My son will be 3 years old this April and we both received a lot of BT during my pregnancy, from 6 months to birth.
The links were, of course, different every time, but I clearly remember that there was a lot done with his central nervous system and motor development...he was 10 months old when he started walking and that's also when we started noticing how focused and patient he was (is) with toys, challenges that involved fine motor skills and concentration... He's still that way, very impressive coordination...
On the day he was born, I had a doctor's appointment the in the morning and he was in breech position. I received a session after we left the doctor's office and he turned before I got to the hospital at 1pm...I was in labor for about 10 hours, but when it was time to push, he was out in the second round of contractions/push, not even 5 minutes...
My best wishes to the moms to be and their babies!


Asthma, Allergy, Pulmonary problems
A mother came to see me regarding her 2 year-old son who was hospitalized every alternate month due to the frequent collapse of the middle lobe of his right lung. The boy was suffering from Right Middle Lung Syndrome, asthma, allergies, and a poor immune system.By the seventh BodyTalk session, the boy was rarely hospitalized and incidents of both his asthma and pollen allergies had reduced by 80%. His mother is delighted at the significant improvement of her child's health, and subsequently her own stress brought on by the frequent hospital visits has been alleviated.

Client Stories:


Laurel, aged 9, was at a stage pf 80% hair loss and still losing hair, especially at the front, back and crown of her head. She generally wore a headscarf to school. The specialists offered stinging lotions which the family chose not to use. By the second session, tiny new hair growth was visible. Seven sessions later there were a few stubborn patches left but new hair growth everywhere else. Laurel stopped wearing her headscarf to school and enjoyed her first haircut.


Ken, a 44 year old sales manager, presented with a 1 ½ bald patch on the back of his head and relationship stress. Four sessions later he has 80% new growth and is getting used to enjoying his life again.


A lady in her 30's presented with severe asthma attacks upon using household chemicals or perfume. She also had severe colitis, depression and low self-esteem. After her third session of BodyTalk, she reported that her stomach was like a whirlwind, her bowels emptied and six days later he is wearing perfume and using cleaning chemicals without further asthma attacks, and the colitis completely cleared. With renewed confidence, she is now running her own cleaning business.

Asthma and Respiratory Infections:

Ross has been sick since he was born with constant respiratory problems, colic and constant crying. He was continually on antibiotics and as a single mother, the medical costs with specialists gave no relief and financially stressing me out. Sarah-Jane picked up that in utero, the umbilical cord was around his neck and the active memory of literally taking his last breath was the fear causing the asthma and contant respiratory infections. After the initial session, he was less clingy, has caught up in height and weight to his peers, and the asthma has now completely gone. He no longer gets ill like he used to and the specialist says he is in the clear and cannot explain his recovery. I too have benefited emotionally from the sessions and have more clarity and focus in my life. I sleep better and am no longer plagued by anxiety attacks and depression.

Alison, Joburg


"I have a 7 year old autistic boy, Sam, and I wondered how BodyTalk could help him. I can say it certainly has! Sam's behaviour at home was quite bad before, but after his first session of BodyTalk at school, he was a different boy when he came home. He can still have a bad day, but the good days out-number them now. His concentration has greatly improved, which I’m sure has helped with his schooling. Sam enjoys his BodyTalk sessions and it helps to relax him."

Autism – learning difficulties:

My son, was labelled autistic and was struggling at pre school. Through regular Bodytalk sessions with sarah-jane, his temper tantrums stopped, his speech continues to improve and he is a much happier little boy who continues to thrive in his environment. We all continue to flourish with regular sessions and my new baby who received sessions in utero was born after only 2 hours of labour a healthy happy baby.

Linda Jungalo, Joburg, SA

Back Pain

"I fell over roller skating and hurt my back. One week later it was not better, even getting worse. So I booked a BodyTalk session and walked out of the session pleased and amazed as the pain was simply gone."

Back Pain

A 47year old man crushed a vertebra in a work accident 6 years ago and had constant back and leg pain since. Nothing gave relief. The first BodyTalk session, addressing memories from his birth, L2 vertebra and other relevant links, brought a 50% pain reduction in his back and no leg pain at all. After the second session, addressing his cranial bones, L2 & C4 vertebrae, adrenals, heart and nervous system as well as emotion stored in his body from a car crash 10 years ago, the back pain lessened by 2%. He is now able to sit, walk, and move like he has not been able to for years. He recently had another scan which revealed that his irreparably crushed vertebra has repaired itself and is now back to its natural shape!

Bladder Function

"Four days after the BodyTalk session, I had normal function and sensation of my bladder, which I needed a catheter to empty before."


I was requested to do a distance BodyTalk session on a coma patient who had suffered severe internal injuries. He had an immediate operation to repair the internal damage, after which I did the first BodyTalk session. Shortly afterwards another operation was needed – the surgeons were amazed at how quickly everything had begun to heal, as they had expected it to be far worse. I then did a follow on session – 2 days after the first. After this session the patient began to regain consciousness. Unfortunately he had to be sedated so that he could be moved to another hospital in readiness for another operation. After the third operation I was asked again to do another BodyTalk session as they feared that he would not survive. After his third session, he once again regained consciousness and began to heal his wounds.

I did not do any further sessions as the patient did not request them, however after some months in hospital, was allowed to return home to resume life.


My 7 months old son had some constipation issues, but after just one BodyTalk session with SJ it cleared - in fact there were two dirty nappies within a few hours! Since then his system has been functioning well. I think BodyTalk is a great treatment for babies as it is so gentle and gives you an idea of what is wrong with them. I can highly recommend SJ as a practitioner. I'm going to come back when other health issues arise in the family.

Coulson, mother of 3- Joburg, South Africa


After an introductory session, a lady regained hearing in the ear that was damaged in a car crash some 20 years before.


"I had been experiencing headaches, nervousness, stress, tension, irritability, depression, mood swings, pain in my left leg and anxiety for so long. After 4 sessions all symptoms completely disappeared.

Sarah's depression after 2 sessions: - I completely forgot my Prozac."

Depression and Diabetes 1

BTS has helped me in so very many ways. I used to run to doctors every day with a new illness and was always on medication that always masked my symptoms but never sorted them out. I do trust body talk. It has opened my mind and heart and body to a wonderful new way of living and thinking and has shown me many ways in which to heal myself and not run to a doctor all the time, it has got me in touch with my past which has helped me realise where my body illnesses have come from. It has been an amazing experience and I love it and will continue it as long as I possibly can.My insulin pump is set now on its lowest dosage, my fibromyalgia has gone and I am now about to harvest eggs for a surrogate that are healthy. We all continue to see the benefits of regular Bodytalk sessions. Thanks Sarah-Jane for amazing sessions

Heidi Schonfeldt. Joburg, SA


"I had two BodyTalk sessions and found they helped me in three ways: -
Aligned me internally in terms of energy levels, Helped me to eliminate the constant anxiety I have lived with from before I was born, Helped put me in touch with my feelings of anger and resentment – something I have always battled to express – allowing me to accept, own and deal with issues I had repressed

BodyTalk worked at such a subtle level. I felt very peaceful both during and for days afterwards."

Fast Aid Technique – (Access Course)

"with sun stroke. She made a superb recovery and was able to carry on with her shift."
"My friend literally felt his toothache melt away."
"My friend dropped a kettle of boiling water on his foot. He was able to drive home pain free soon after."
"Swelling and bruising on my injured foot cleared completely in 10 minutes."


"I have lived most of my life fearing all sorts. BodyTalk has helped me so much, to come out of my shell, relax and begin to really enjoy life."


After the third session of BodyTalk a lady with glaucoma saw a noticeable change in her vision. She was able to see clearly enough to write letters for the first time in years. She had three monthly check-ups with a consultant who was amazed at how much her eyesight had improved.


After the death of her father, this lady was unable to shed any tears as she tended to bottle up her feelings. After the first session she was able to release her grief through crying, which was completely relieved after the second session. She is now able to release feelings rather than bottling them up.
After several sessions her PMT and headaches disappeared and her bowels began opening daily. She is not so tired and is able to think more clearly, has more confidence and her neck pain also cleared.


"Body talking my son – his bad hay fever disappeared overnight."

Hip Pain

"My hip pain has completely gone... and so has my anxiety."


At her first appointment, this lady was rather tense, had low self-esteem, said she wanted to lose weight and had been trying for her second baby for about 15 months. When she came to see me her GP had told her that she would not be able to have IVF treatment and that it was doubtful that she would be able to conceive. After 3 sessions of BodyTalk, she was much more self-assured, more relaxed and had more energy. She had even lost some weight and the most amazing thing of all – she was 7 weeks pregnant.
This meant that she would have been pregnant after her second session.


After playing a game of football, a young man suffered an injury to his right foot. Every time he tried to kick a ball he was in agony, but felt no pain otherwise. After one session of BodyTalk, the pain completely disappeared and he was able to play football 5 days later with no further pain.


"About 6 months ago I was invited to a talk on a therapy called ‘BodyTalk’ which intrigued me and I decided to make an appointment. My symptoms of M.E., diagnosed 28 years ago, returned with a vengeance 5 years ago and I was unable even to speak to my family on the phone, only having the energy to climb the stairs once a day.
I have tried several alternative therapies, which have all made a difference and played a part in my slow recovery. The decision to have BodyTalk has made a huge improvement to my previously challenged energy levels.
Apart from being able to enjoy working in my garden again, I now have the energy to enjoy looking after our 2 young grandchildren, and I was even able to go on a lovely short holiday with them recently.
It is just wonderful to feel so well and have so much more energy. I am also told that I look very much better – less pallor and more colour. I still enjoy having further BodyTalk sessions."

MS sufferer:

The Bodytalk session with you was surreal – in the best possible way. I experienced such a warmth emanating from your soul and, although we only met briefly, you radiate such a feeling of love and peace. Wonderful! The hug I received from you afterwards was the absolute “cherry on the cake”! One of the main symptom of MS (which is nearly 24/24) is pins and needles and numbness of various parts of your body. While you were doing the treatment ,I experienced a significant lessening of the pins, needles and numbness. I was excited to experience whether the sensations would stay away for a prolonged period but, unfortunately, they returned today - albeit such a wonderful relief to have a reprieve from the constant debilitating pain. I definitely felt more balanced and less stressed after the treatment and woke up and stayed in a buoyant mood on Sunday, all the time feeling a sense of calmness. Once again, thank you for the treatment on Saturday. I appreciate the fact hugely that, although you were no doubt very tired from all the treatments, you took your time and spoke to me with empathy and understanding and made me feel very special

Michelle, Pretoria

Multiple Sclerosis

A lady was diagnosed with MS. Her symptoms included painful joints and legs, headaches, poor circulation, numbness on one side of the face, insomnia, extreme tiredness, weight loss, skin rash and sensitivity, loss of hair, digestive problems and sore, aching eyes.

After many sessions all her symptoms have cleared apart from her aching eyes which are being addressed with ongoing BodyTalk sessions. She is feeling much happier and able to take charge of her life, and, with renewed confidence has had a career change.

Ovarian Cyst

An ovarian cyst in a 61 year old woman had gone by the time of her surgery 14 days later.

Ovarian Cyst

A young girl was experiencing irregular periods, pain, excess body hair and high testosterone levels. After being told by her GP that she had polycistic ovaries, she came for a BodyTalk session. No further sessions were required and further tests came back as normal. Her periods are now normal and symptom free.


"My name is Julie. About ten years ago I became very ill and was eventually diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder. Over the following years I spent the summer months enjoying the sunshine and a normal life, but in winter retreated behind my front door, spending weekends hibernating and not talking to anybody or not going out unless I had to. I was miserable – felt so ill and tired all the time - and fat – I had gradually ballooned from a size 10 to a size 20 with no obvious cause. In the summer of 2006 I spotted an advert for BodyTalk in a local magazine and decided it was about time I tried to get my life back all year round rather than just the sunny summer months. I was very curious on my first session as I didn’t know what to expect, but Helen soon put me at my ease – and the couch was very comfortable! The only way I can describe the treatment is “uncannily accurate”!! I just lay there and relaxed and my hand did the talking! I have now had five sessions and it has been very interesting – issues I had completely forgotten about or didn’t think mattered – all were raised and dealt with. Result? For the first time in years I have something resembling my old life back! I am still on antidepressant medication and still use a light box – but I feel so much better. I have gone from having to go to bed at 9pm every day, and spending most of my weekends sleeping, to being able to stay up until 11pm most nights. My energy levels are so much better – I feel happier and I am definitely more sociable, even at weekends! BodyTalk doesn’t claim to cure any condition, but it has certainly made this winter more than bearable and I intend to make it a regular part of my life as winter comes on each year! A side effect of the treatment – and one I was not expecting – was that I have lost over two stone in weight! I have gone from a size 20 back to a 14/16 – and that is WITHOUT dieting!! I have even felt well enough and motivated enough to join a gym – I have been a proud member for two weeks now – and that’s something that would not have been possible even six months ago. So my recommendation is – try BodyTalk! It works for me and I can’t recommend it highly enough!"


"For 40 years I’ve had a phobia of putting my head under water. It came up during a session. Two months later I tried snorkelling for the first time and it was great. No fears at all. It has opened up a whole new beautiful world."


"I was suffering from awful morning sickness and after one session it disappeared, At about 30 weeks into my pregnancy, I remember feeling quite anxious about the birth, as it was my first child. Within a week of having a BodyTalk session, I could almost feel all the worry lifting away and I felt more relaxed and accepting as to what I would have to go through. This was the most memorable BodyTalk session I'd had.
I received BodyTalk throughout my pregnancy and when I had to have an emergency caesarean section, I was surprised at how quickly I recovered in comparison to many other people. Within a couple of weeks I was up, out and about and generally feeling really well (apart from being up several times a night to feed my baby!)"


"After my session I felt so relaxed like I had thought I should have felt after a deep tissue massage but never did."

Respiratory Problems

Mariah age 2yrs3months came to her first BT session quiet, so congested she mouth breathes all the time and was very lethargic. Since her BT sessions Mariah is doing much better. (-: Her food intolerances are gone and she no longer has negative reactions to food. She's not totally normal, yet... but I'm hopeful and grateful to see improvement.

Theresa ,USA


A lady who had scoliosis nearly all her life had an operation to straighten her spine in 2004. She has a very good scar and her posture is fairly normal now, but she still had considerable pain in her back and her neck. She was concerned about her neck as I think she was resigned to permanent back pain.
The lady said, "I wanted firstly to tell you that since your session with me for my back have been absolutely fantastic! Before I saw you that evening I was still taking 'Tramadol' regularly, (the next drug down from morphine) but I haven’t taken so much as an aspirin since then".
Only one session was needed to rid her of her back pain. However after continued BodyTalk sessions, her neck pain eased too and she now only visits me periodically for a check-up.

Severe back pain:

Thank you very much for the amazing 2 sessions of body talk, it left me feeling much more relaxed and happier. I have to tell you the good news, a few days later after arriving back to Cyprus, I heard this funny noise in my back and I felt something move, well since then I have not had pain again, I am sure the nerve went back into place, so the only thing I could think of was the body talk. It sure seems to have helped me. I have lived with constant pain in my back and arm for over 10 years and now I do not feel pain anymore, and so relieved of the pain, its incredible, thanks a mil, I really feel good.

>Maria 58, Cypress

Severe Skin Condition for 25 years:

Thank you very much for the session on Friday. You are phenominally right on target! I've been singing your praises to a couple of people who I feel could do with your help, so I hope they get in touch with you.

I have felt a change in the pliabily of the skin on my hands already and it has only been a day! Even though they are still quite dry, they don't feel as agitated. I've slept through both nights since seeing you, for the first time in years ! I've been drinking lots of water and done my cortices 2x per day.

Charlotte Runke, Joburg, SA

Sports performance and personal growth:

I am a professional fencer and was having trouble with my technique. I had also suffered with asthma since childhood. Since I discovered the Bodytalk system, my performance has improved greatly and my asthma completely disappeared. I have a greater focus in life as well as during my competitions and highly recommend Bodytalk .

Jyoti Chetty, Joburg, SA

Stage 4 lymphatic cancer:

We cannot stop talking about you – You are a God send – I am lost for words – You just gave my mother a new lease on life, I hope this sums up everything we have experienced with you after just one Bodytalk session

Hloni Mohale.

Like Hloni said we are lost for words we are so grateful, After we left your place my appetite was sharp for the first time in months. Since Saturday I have had regular bowel movements, something I struggle with since first having chemo for stage 4 cancer 5 years ago. The only thing that still gets to me is feeling nauseas in the morning but this is my first session with you and I have hope for the first time in years. Going to sleep at night yesterday was the first night I slept like a baby. Thank you Sarah- Jane.

Rosemary Mohale 68- cancer survivior


A friend of mine has had a stroke and has not regained the use of her left arm. During her BodyTalk session with me, the large intestine came up several times as a priority. As BodyTalk does not venture into diagnosis, I did not know why but was rather disappointed that her arm did not come up as wanting treatment. I found out much later that Chinese Medicine always treats the large intestine for stroke victims. Incidentally, after two sessions of BodyTalk my friend has regained a small amount of movement in her arm, and we plan to continue her sessions.


After many sessions of BodyTalk, a young lady was able to live a normal happy life after suffering for many years with the anxiety of being sexually abused as a child. She has lost excess weight, gained confidence and self-esteem and she is now able to smile again and put the unhappy memories behind her.
"BodyTalk has changed my life", says a 40 year old woman. Her story included sexual abuse as a child and drug abuse throughout her teens. Her figure remained under-developed and she was underweight. After several BodyTalk sessions she now feels like a woman now. Her husband says he must be the luckiest man as her figure has improved after 15 years of marriage!



My dog, Pepsi suddenly became aggressive and I was devastated when she bit my 6 month old son badly near his eye. A friend suggested I take her for an animaltalk session with SJ, who had changed behavioural problems and shared interesting concerns with her dog through Mindscape – animal communication. It was an incredible thing to watch her emotionally release by licking and chewing during the session. She shared so much useful information through the communications and also did some aligning of her spine where she was clearly showing pain. After just one session,our relationship is so much better, she is back to her old happy self and is the gentle, loving companion I knew her to be. If I had not taken Pepsi for Bodytalk, I would have most probably have had to take her to a shelter for fear that she would bite my son or somebody elses baby. Bodytalk sessions for my son have cleared away the fear from the incident and he no longer is constantly sick and I feel so much better emotionally with my maintenance sessions. Thank you so much Sarah-Jane.

Carly, Joburg

Bearded Dragon

My bearded dragon, Spike – a rescue from a life of neglect and despair was showing signs of imminent death. She told SJ that what I was feeding her was upsetting her stomach and told her what she needed to eat in order to regain her strength and colour. She also told SJ she would like a cat companion which I felt was ridiculous at the time. Through the animal communications and regular animal talk sessions she has truly continued to flourish. She is comfortable to roam the house and garden, has befriended the neighbours cat and teaches me so much on a daily basis about how interconnected we all are. I never thought sharing my life with a reptile child could be so full and rewarding. Thank you!

Pam, Joburg, SA

Cat Kidney failure:

My beloved Persian Jackson was continually at the vet with snuffles but this time the news was bad. At only 6 years old, the vet said he was in renal failure and after batteries of test they could not find out what was causing him to go downhill so fast. SJ did a Bodytalk session whilst Jackson was in icu at the vet and I left there not entirely convinced that it would work. She had mentioned some pretty far out stuff about fear which I did not really get. The vet called the next morning to say they could not understand what had happened but that he was up and drinking on his own. It was only some time later, I realized that Jackson had been kicked down the steps during an armed robbery at our home, which had been the cause of fear that had affected his kidneys weeks later. I myself had been so traumatized at the event I had completely forgotten about what had happened to him. Both Jackson and I have gotten over the trauma of the event through our regular Bodytalk sessions. My allergies and his snuffles have completely disappeared. We are so grateful we discovered bodytalk.

Midge. Pretoria, RSA

Chronic Skin Condition:

My boxer has suffered with chronic skin irritations for many years. At times he would scratch so much the skin would bleed. I spent so much money on allergy tests, topical ointments and anti histamines and nothing worked. After an initial session with SJ, the skin cleared up almost completely. I realized that he was taking on a lot of my emotional distress and through Bodytalk both of us have gone through life changing transformation and I know that when Luca’s skin starts to show signs of rash, that I need to reassess what I am going through and he resolves quickly. Bodytalk sessions continue to assist me and Luca with daily challenges and my relationship with him has gone to a deeper level.

Sonya, Joburg, SA

Competition anxiety:

My show jumping days were at their peak and GoldStar was jumping well. Then almost overnight he started to spook and refused to jump especially over water. I contacted Sarah-Jane who had been recommended to me by another girl at my barn in Kentucky. She communicated with GS and also did some realignment of his spine – shoulder which explained the lame back leg and his need to throw me – he was in terrible pain. Through the animaltalk sessions the lameness went, and many of his emotional fears ( he came off the track and had huge abandonment issues) were resolved. SJ’s communications with GS brought tears to my eyes and through her instruction, a lot of love and patience my relationship with him has improved greatly. We now share a deep mutual respect for each other, I have become careful with my thoughts and words and he is teaching me so much. Before I used to be cruel and selfish, now I realize we are in this together and take his lead. We have just finished 2nd in regionals and are on our way to great things.

Rebecca Farnsworth,Kentucky, USA

Digestive and emotional pain

My 13 and half year old Staffie is my child and I was extremely worried that he was in pain as he constantly groaned and his stomach was making a lot of noise. I asked Sarah-Jane to communicate with Dax and find out if he needed anything or was ready to go. Through Animal talk sessions and her inter species communication, I was relieved to know he was fine. His quality of life remains great and I can see the benefits of our regular Bodytalk sessions.

Dando, Joburg, SA

Elephant Injury

One of our old bull elephants managed to injure the end of his trunk so severely that we thought he would lose it. Devastating for an elephant as you can imagine. After several attempts to suture the huge tear and many anti biotics the prognosis did not look very good. We called in SJ to see if Bodytalk could help repair the damaged tissue. After several days, the recovery was noticeable and although he still has a visible hole in the trunk, he still has the use of it and the tissue has healed up well and returned to its normal colour.

Lawrence, Mala , South Africa

Fears and Phobias

We adopted a female husky dog who had clearly had a traumatic start to her life. She had many behavioural problems and was clearly petrified of the thunder storms, so much so that she would break through glass doors and windows to get inside the house. After just one animal talk sessions and inter species communication with sarah-jane, she no longer fears the storms. All the fearful behavior she showed prior to Bodytalk have gone. She asked to change her name which we have done and she is a healthy, happier dog who has been given a second chance at life.

Dale and Anushka, Joburg, SA

Mystery Illness

Animaltalk saved my horse Casall’s life. When the best money could buy with western medicine and the top vet ICU in Michigan, the doctors decided euthanasia was inevitable. Two days after this prognosis, and intense Bodytalk sessions, I walked him out of hospital and back to his barn. He continues to get Bodytalk sessions from Sarah-Jane along with my other two horses and myself with astounding results. I had a very bad riding accident which left me in a coma for 3 days with bleeding on the brain, loss of short term memory and damage to my right eye which left me depressed and lost. It has been 5 months since my accident and through continual bodytalk sessions long distance and nothing else, I am almost back to my old self and riding again. The doctors and specialists are astounded by my recovery both physically and emotionally and I owe it all to bodytalk and my bodyminds own innate wisdom to heal itself. Thanks sarah-jane

Debbie Beebe, Holland, MI, USA

Orphan Rhinos

After losing his mother along with 2 other babies in the tragic slaughter that continues to devastate the rhino population of Africa and India, we contacted SJ, to see if she could help them from dying. Vuma, was so traumatized at seeing his mother killed, and being moved to the nursery that he would not eat and his organs were shutting down. After one session, SJ did some emotional releases of grief and anger around the death of his mother and other balances, and he started to take his bottle. Along with Victor and Vuyo, Vuma they continue to adjust and thrive through regular Animaltalk sessions ad are learning to be Rhinos despite having no mothers to show them how.

Ray, Rhino and Lion park, Bronkhorspruit.

Rabbit Ear Problems

Our pet rabbit Peter was not looking very well and the vet told us he had gone deaf in his right ear and had severe bacterial infection. My little boy was very upset at the news that peter may be hopping off to heaven quite soon. We were also worried that whatever it was had spread to the other two. A friend of mine suggested we contact Sarah-Jane and try out this Bodytalk as a last resort. It seems they had picked up a very contagious but common ear mite that encrusts the whole ear channel and throat making eating very difficult – it looked like a cancerous growth on peter’s one ear, so heavy the poor guy could not lift it up any more. SJ came, did a “group” session on all of them and addressed the micro parasites in peter and the others. I am happy to say they are all fully recovered with perky ears and good appetites again.

Laura, Durban, SA

Rhino relocation

One of our rhino females had managed to get herself onto the other side of the reserve fence and was so panicked by the collective fear of being killed for her horn that she would not come back into the reserve. We decided to contact Sarah-Jane to assist us in trying to get her back inside the reserve as we did not want to anaethestise her ( it is pretty hard to move a Rhino who is dead weight). SJ said she explained why it was so important that she move back through the opening in the fence into the reserve so that she could be protected. We watched her for some ten minutes, she twitched her ears, lifted up her head almost like she had an "aha" moment, stomped the ground and did a 180 turn and trotted back inside the fence within a matter of minutes. It was incredible to watch, so gentle and non- threatening. We will definitely change the way we do things on the farm in future. Through Bodytalk her chronic diarrohea due to micro parasites resolved within 4 days when we found rhino droppings that looked like they should again and did not have to give her anti biotics dart we thought we would have to use.

Luke Bennett, Tau, South Africa
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